vverevvolfThe San Francisco bay area music scene is thriving with lots of great musical talent that’s as diverse as its population. Three bands who are On-Radar include vverevvolf, BullyWest and Falcon A!. Berkeley-based synthpop duo vverevvolf is comprised of of Kelsey LaRae and Dylan Gallagher, who met in a music class while in college and decided to collaborate when each were impressed with the other’s talent. They described their music as “navigating the huge canvas of pop music and using it as a means to explore shifting identities.” The track “Cruel Games” is bubbling up and is a great introduction to what the band has in store. BullyWest is a four-piece from the East Bay consisting of Manny Velez(vocals, guitar), Jesse Gale(guitar), Shane DeLea(bass) and Bernt Strom(drums). The band recently released their EP Bet on Black and are playing select California dates in support of the release. Falcon A! is a punk band whose raucous energy and sound translates well in its recordings as well as their live sets. Their album, So Rad, was recently released and four-man band from Antioch, CA will hit the road in support of the album.

Check out these bands from when they performed for B-Sides On-Air!

vverevvolf – “Cruel Games”

BullyWest – “Senator Skin”

B-Sides On-Air: BullyWest Perform "Senator Skin" at Honey Hive Gallery San Francisco

Falcon A! – “So Rad”

B-Sides On-Air: Falcon A! Perform "So Rad" at Honey Hive Gallery San Francisco