It’s very hard to find a good ambient, downtempo album that you can sit back and unwind. In 2014 Tycho released the album Awake, which was an addictive album to listen to. It’s the perfect background music for a task or meditation. Tycho fans were not ready for a random surprise of their new album Epoch.

The album is a surprise to everybody and a delight, to say the least. There are very few electronic artist that lovers of any genre can get engulfed in and Tycho is one of them. This new album is a little different than Awake. Awake has a more relaxed vibe which is excellent to listen to in and of itself. Epoch has a very upbeat downtempo which sounds as though it is a contradiction, however, you’ll hear right away that it is not.

Musically speaking the album creates the perfect taste palate. If music was related to your taste buds, you scientifically want to have the salt and sweet at once. Tycho’s new album provides that. It’s salty in the scene of moving in a fast motion but sweet that it’s delicate and almost subliminal. The best part of this album is that it transitions flawlessly. It’s hard to hear a stop of songs and is one of those albums you need to play straight thru without a shuffle. A song to check out in Division as it has the most dynamic rhythms, tones, and melodies.