Album Review: Phantogram – Three

Phantogram released a new album named “Three.” The name suits the duo perfectly as the name Phantogram is derivative of the word describing two-dimensional images that appear three dimensional. Fun factoid for the name three as the title is only called Three however it may have ties to the origins of their performance name.

Three has some unique blends of trip-hop and dream pop. A few of songs could be a cross between a David Bowie and Grimes. The song “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” has a vibe of a J Dilla with the vocals of Lana Del Rey. The only difference is this song sounds more upbeat and non-depressing like some other dream pop artist. It’s hard to pick only one song to listen to for a suggestion because the album is superb, but “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” is it.

The lyrics of Phantogram’s album Three does have a somewhat darker expression, but it’s very subtle. None of the songs are overwhelming or emotionally draining to listen to, and you find yourself lost in the music. The album is over passing it’s almost very ambient at times and relaxing to hear. While other occasions you are so engulfed with the beats you subconsciously head bopping.

Phantogram’s album Three is a great blend of rhythmic patterns, progressive beats, and melodies. It has all kinds of mellow while still dramatic sounds with trip-hop grooves. It’s worth checking out possibly in private or small listening session. Be prepared to relax and still embrace all of the vibes of the music.