On Tuesday, October 18th Rooney played in South Florida at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It’s not the first time that Robert Coppola Schwartzman of Rooney has visited the Sunshine State or the venue in a small strip mall around the mile from the beach. Being near the beach was highly appropriate for the tour of the newest album Washed Away.

img_4491In an interview with Robert, he describes the reason behind the title track and album name Washed Away. The name Washed Away stems from the concept of a metaphor of sand castles being washed away by the sea is a symbolic view that thing is all temporary. This album is a personal project in which the only band member Robert created from everything from performing to mixing and producing.

The show was very intimate with around 1/2 capacity filled. A lot of the real fans made it out on a Tuesday night. The night opened up with Swimming with Bears from Austin, TX and Royal Teeth. The created the perfect introduction to a crowd highly anticipating Rooney’s performance.


It had been around six years since a Rooney album was released and the album did not fall short of over exceeding expectations. Although Robert is the only member of the band, he did have other musicians on stage to help him perform. They also created an energetic feel to his performance. Robert truly took the night away with his stellar organic and personal performance.

Some of the songs found on Washed Away are on the soundtrack of his recent film Dreamland. Dreamland is romantic drama starring his brother Jason Schwartzman. The story is about a pianist that starts a romance that causes his life to go upside down.


Rooney Setlist Ft. Lauderdale, FL Oct. 18, 2016:

If It Were Up To Me
All the Beautiful People
Daisy Duke
I Can’t Get Enough
Are You Afraid?
Love Me or Leave Me
Not In My House
Do You Have to Go?
Washed Away
My Heart Beats 4 U
When Did Your Heart Go Missing?
Stay Away