top10-hardrock2016 was a complex year for society. Whether citizens viewed it as a successful year or a time they wish they could erase, Hard Rock enthusiasts had a lot to appreciate about this year. Up and coming bands, and bands who have continued their position in their audience’s hearts, have both released records that strive in perfection. Whether its Green Day who have shown the world they are musical geniuses from day 1 back in ’86, or Knocked Loose who are growing at a rapid rate and beginning their journey of touring over seas. 2016 left no disappointment for hard rock fans, from well-known, to rising bands, here are B-Sides Top 10 Best Hard Rock Albums of the year (in no particular order).

 1. Aggressive by Beartooth  

2. Laugh Tracks by Knocked Loose

3. Revolution Radio by Green Day

4. Bad Vibrations by A Day To Remember

5. All Hell by Vanna

6. The Brighter View by To The Wind

7. Be Nothing by Boston Manor

8. Better Ash Than Dust By Stick To Your Guns (EP)

9. Low Teens by Every Time I Die

10. Move Thru Me by Turnstile