Vaureen, ViolenceVaureen is a trio from Brooklyn, NY, and they are pretty good. But that’s not the point. The point is that as I sit in my back patio, I notice that the guitars on their three song EP Violence, scrape a little lower, the vocals soar a little higher, and the drums punch a little harder.

And then I realize that Vaureen is the band that I want to hear. I miss that 90s sound… the sound of the air covered with a wet blanket, the sound of tangible gravity, when pop met metal and you found yourself humming “Pretend We’re Dead” because it was a really hummable tune, and it was fucking punk rock.… When musicians didn’t necessarily have to know how to play their instruments to wallow in a den of noise with their friends.

The last song on the EP “Before the Rectangles Take Over” is a spacy onslaught of melodic feedback, and crunch that is hypnotic as it is beautiful. The band has cited The Breeders and PJ Harvey as influences, I would add early Hole, L7, and the empty abstract sounds of Sonic Youth. Violence is a good start for what will hopefully be more music.

Vaureen - Tough Guys