Singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander has gone through many, MANY, changes in style over his nearly 20-year career before settling on the Mondo Cozmo moniker. Originally from Philadelphia, Ostrander moved to Los Angeles to pursue his musical dreams. In the early 2000s, he fronted the alt-rock band Laguardia, then later led Eastern Conference Champions who released three albums before disbanding in 2015. He began recording under the name Mondo Cozmo in 2016, and the single “Shine” rose to #1 on the Billboard charts in January 2017. Jokingly, he had promised his wife that he would only need 20 years to become successful in the music industry, and “Shine” took off 19 years after that promise!

During their San Francisco tour stop, Ostrander spoke about the upcoming debut album Plastic Soul, touring and more.

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Mondo Cozmo Talks "Shine", Beginnings

Mondo Cozmo - Shine