Not many bands that blast onto the Southern California music scene are fronted by 16 year-olds, but that doesn’t stop The Regrettes. “I’m not scared of anyone judging me,” says lead singer Lydia Night. “I don’t care. I don’t give a f*ck if someone doesn’t like what I have to say. For every person that likes you, there’s a person that doesn’t like you.” This sort of punk rock attitude is what defines The Regrettes, who met while attending musical classes at night in Los Angeles. The rest of the band, rounded out by Genes Gariano, Sage Chavis, and Maxx Modando, are all under 20 as well. The Regrettes first single, “A Living Human Girl,” was released in Summer 2016, and “Hey Now,” “Hot,” and “Seashore” soon followed before their debut studio record Feel Your Feelings Fool! in January 2017.

The band took a moment during their tour stop in San Francisco to speak with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, about their formation, recording their debut and more. Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - The Regrettes Talk Formation, Debut Album

The Regrettes - Hey Now [Official Music Video]