VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Vera Blue Talks Origins, ‘Fingerprints’ EP

Emerging artist, Vera Blue is the moniker for Celia Pavey, who started out as a singer and acoustic guitarist in the small town of Forbes, Australia before adopting Sydney as her home. Gaining recognition as a contestant on the 2nd season of The Voice Australia, Pavey was brought up listening to folk music and played the violin from a young age. After completing her studies in music at the Australian Institute of Music, Pavey continued experimenting with various sounds and Vera Blue was born with a amalgamation of the music she’s long loved with lush, sultry electronica. The debut single from her EP Fingerprints, “Hold,” has continued to garner bigger audiences for Vera Blue, which Pavey explained, “is about finding someone who pulls you out of a dark place. It’s about when you’ve opened your heart so many times to people and you finally find that person who is there to protect you, to look after you, even when you’ve hurt them and they’ve hurt you. You never give up on them.”

Vera Blue took a moment to speak with B-Sides On-Air during her tour stop opening for Maggie Rogers in San Francisco to talk about her origins, the EP Fingerprints and more! Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Vera Blue Talks Evolution, 'Fingertips'

Vera Blue - Hold (Official Video)