Ever summer, pre-teens, young adults, parents, and straight up wild music lovers come out to their local venue or even travel, to spend a long awaited scorching day to see their favorite bands perform. This year the lineup is killer once again and in no particular order, here are the must see bands of Warped Tour 2017!

  1.  Trophy Eyes- This Australian punk rock band were apart of Warped Tour 2015 and the documentary of their experience proved the crazy and wild times they had. They must be stoked for round two as well as getting the perform their recently released album, “Chemical Miracle”, to cities across America.
  2. Knocked Loose- These Kentucky boys are making waves in the hardcore scene. They were even nominated for an APMA of “Best Underground Band”, making them a must see at Warped Tour 2017.
  3. Andy Black- We all know Andy from Black Veil Brides, but his solo work as ‘Andy Black’ is a whole new sound and look. His fresh alternative music is a must see at Warped, mostly because it is too enjoyable to resist.
  4. Sylar- Sylar produces the type of music that makes a crowd go crazy in the pit and the people in the back wishing they were in the pit. Hard rock meets turn tables to create Sylar’s sick sound making them a great set to see at Warped Tour.
  5.  Sammy Adams- The one and only Boston boy does not exactly fit in with the typical Warped Tour artists but his hits will win over any music lover over. With that being said there is no doubt that Adams will bring in a huge crowd to jam at each city.
  6.  Neck Deep- Pop punk’s best of the best, from the UK is returning to Warped again hopefully performing their new songs from the soon to be released album “The Peace and the Panic”. This band is amazing to vibe to live and even better considering lead singer, Ben Barlow, was also nominated for an APMA of best vocalist.
  7.  Goldfinger- Long time Warped fans are loving having throwback bands attend the event and luckily a classic like Goldfinger will be touring part of the summer. Led by John Feldman, who has worked with incredible artists, will get to step back into the spotlight this summer.
  8.  Silverstein- This post-hardcore band formed back in 2000, releasing classics that everyone knows the words to, are back at it with new hits ready to hit the stages of Warped Tour 2017. Changing up their sound a little bit with pre-released “Retrograde” makes Silverstein an intriguing band to see perform their old and new sound.
  9.  Our Last Night- This band has made a name for themselves covering hit songs with a rock twist. Releasing more and more original songs as time goes on, their fan base is stoked to see them perform live this summer.
  10.  Hundredth- Going on their eleventh year of creating music together, their fans are anticipating the release of their new album “Rare” out on June 16th. In the mean time they have teased fans with three singles and hopefully perform songs from their new album this summer.
  11.  Bowling For Soup- If you do not know a hit like “1985” then you will this summer when Bowling For Soup takes the stage. Although they have not released new music in a while, the crowd will have no problem jamming to their oldies but goodies.
  12.  Counterparts- Counterparts is a hardcore band based out of Ontario, formed back in 2007. They have partnered with Pure Noise Records to create awesome songs, and recently releasing a music video this past year for “Stranger”.
  13.  Gwar- This band is definitely one to checkout this summer at warped not only for the heavy metal scene, but also the fact they were formed back in the 80’s and are still jamming to this day. They are definitely something out of the ordinary but put on quite the show.
  14. Plain White T’s- What is not to love about the Plain White T’s soft and feel-good melodies. Maybe they are making a come back but either way we are all stoked to see them live this summer.
  15. Hate Breed- Another older band, formed in ’93, still creating music for their devoted fan base. This summer on Warped Tour we are looking forward to hearing their throwbacks and if they have been working on anything new.