The humble beginnings of Ten Fé started with friends Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan busking in London Underground stations. The duo took the experience for good and bad to formulate the music which would eventually be recorded as Ten Fé. Lead single, “Elodie” has garnered much attention and brought the band to the U.S. for their first North American tour that includes a performance at Bonnaroo this June as they support their debut album, Hit The Light that was released in February 2017. The album has been well-received and is noted for its optimistic perspective to the current sociopolitical climate, as Moorehouse told NME: “I don’t think it’s ever felt right to just present something that’s dark, without having something to counter it.”

B-Sides met up with Ten Fé during their San Francisco debut at Rickshaw Stop for Popscene to talk about Hit The Light, the band’s origins and growth and more.

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Ten Fe Talk First U.S. Tour, New Members

Ten Fé - Elodie (Official Video)