‘Four girls about to rule the world. This is the only sentence you will find in the ‘about’ section on the official website for The Aces. This simple mission statement sums up the attitude and straightforward approach the band takes to the Pop/Rock genre.

Forming the band in 2008 while growing up together in Provo, Utah, The Aces have spent the time and put forth the effort for many years to be where they are today.  Starting out playing small school events and local clubs, moving onto opening act for national touring bands, and signing with Red Bull Records in October 2016 has inevitably lead to this year’s release of the four track EP I Don’t Like Being Honest.  The record starts off with the song “Stuck”, a single from 2016, instantly catching the listener’s ear with a simple, clean guitar riff that is repeated through the song over punchy disco bass and head bobbing drum beat.  “Physical”, the second track, has drawn a lot of attention for its lyrical content, bringing  perspective on the ill-fated act of engaging in a purely sexual relationship.  “Baby Who” keeps up with the dance beats and relationship themes, slowing the tempo a bit.  “Touch” finishes the EP with a more driving guitar and more of a Rock feel departing from the dance tracks.  The dreamy synth, tasteful vocal harmonies, and palm muted guitars that fill I Don’t Like Being Honest are likened to HAIM’s first album, but these songs are a touch more simplistic.

As an inaugural release I Don’t Like Being Honest is powerful and straightforward.  Just as their website implies, The Aces are on a mission to rule the world.  This youthful confidence and energy will most likely take them where ever they want to go.  Be expecting a full length record and tour announcements soon.


The Aces - Physical (Official Video)