Two competitive extreme sport athletes won their first gold medals at X Games on the last day of the inaugural event in Minneapolis. Colton Walker captured gold in BMX Dirt, while Alex Sorgente took home the gold for Skateboard Park. Walker, an X Games rookie who grew up just outside of Minneapolis thrilled the hometown crowd with strong and clean runs highlighted by a 360 double downside whip-to-late bar spin and a flair whip-to-bar spin on the quarter pipe. In Skateboard Park, Sorgente narrowly beat out Tom Schaar, who took silver, by impressing the audience and judges with unique tricks like a lofty kickflip indy grab and an ollie to fakie onto the Viking ship-to-half cab back into the bowl.

During the second annual Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick, Kyle Baldock took his second gold for the event with a strong outing expected from the veteran rider. During the last event of the day, QuarterPipe Big Air, it was another X Games rookie, Colby Raha, who took home the gold medal.

Check out the photos from the event and from the after-show with Atmosphere: