ON-RADAR: The Begowatts – Grand Charade

I love good, midwestern rock n roll. Like really love it, almost as much as I love Iron Maiden, Snoop Dogg, or The Sex Pistols. There is just something inherently good about a John Mellencamp song, Ryan Adams lullaby, or Tom Petty (sob) cut. I also found that same Midwestern charm in bands like Husker Du and The Replacements. Just all around great songwriting with no pretensions.

Madison, Wisconsin’s, The Begowatts, could fall more in line with the punkier Minneapolis bands, but with their new EP Grand Charade find themselves embracing the chill waters of the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi Basin. It’s just good rock n roll. Songs like “Why Don’t We Dance” grooves along with lead vocalist David French bringing his monotone delivery to new heights. Title track “Grand Charade” envisions the 70s teen, long hair, Kiss poster on the wall, vintage headphones, tapping a drumstick on the side of the bed. The same goes for “Gaslight”, and the lead single “Kids On Parole” with a tongue in cheek refrain that “Jesus don’t rock n roll.”

I beg to differ however, because I want my Jesus to rock n roll, so in that sense I disagree with the Begowatts. However, I agree that Grand Charade is worthy of a good listen, preferably with vintage headphones.