Outdoor performances during the fall are nothing to complain about. Breezy air and pink sunsets are a perfect match to any evening, but when tossed in with the angelic voice of lead vocalist, Molly Rankin, and the candy dream tunes of her band Alvvays —talk about satisfaction. It has been three years since the Canadian indie pop band brought us their self-titled debut album, but only a month since the release of Antisocialites, which is without a doubt, no runner-up. Fans just can’t get enough of those summery nostalgic instrumentals blended with their dark and romantic lyrics. Despite the title of the album, the band had the opposite effect on their listeners. Friends squeezed together for a sold out show, ready to see the faces of the Alvvays and hear their shoegazing melodies live at The Mohawk in Austin, Texas. <!—more—>

Appearing on stage with contagious smiles that were sent straight back from the audience, the band looked pleased to share their new songs with the Austin crowd for the first time. But before jumping into the new album, Alvvays opened with “Adult Diversion” a vintage-like bop to remind the audience why they fell in love with the band in the first place. The crowd then swayed to the jingles of new songs such as “Saved By A Waif” and “Forget About Life” as if the harmony sent a hypnosis through the atmosphere. Rankin gazed whole-heartedly into the crowd with her blue eyes, capturing everyone’s undivided attention. Other songs off the new album, such as “Plimsoll Punks” and “In Undertow”, caused a breakthrough in comfort and the crowd let loose with the band, forgetting about life together.

The crowd cheered as they blew their kisses goodbye, and continued to after the band exited the stage. But Alvvays held onto that connection with their audience, and knew they couldn’t leave without saying goodbye one more time. They thanked their fans for dancing and singing along, and expressed their irresistible love. There was power and magnetism in their encore. The track “Party Police” sent their fans back into that spellbinding trance. Alvvays left their band with starry eyes and complete satisfaction.