While some bands burn fast and quickly fade away, Cut Copy have employed the opposite approach over their now 16-year history. Formed in 2001 by Dan Whitford, the electronic music band now includes Tim Hoey, Ben Browning, and Mitchell Scott. The Australian band just released their first proper studio album in nearly four years, Haiku From Zero, in September via Astralwerks, which was produced by Ben Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Neon Indian). “When we first started in Australia, there wasn’t really a scene for live electronic music,” recalls Whitford, “You were either someone that would go to raves or the club, but you wouldn’t go and see bands. Or you were an indie kid that went to see bands and had never listened to something with programmed drums before in your life. Cut Copy has always been an amalgam of those two things. So much has changed in the world since we started making music, but that aspect of the band – the desire to try and encompass everything – has only grown stronger.”

B-Sides recently caught up with Cut Copy during Austin City Limits 2017 to talk about their return after the extensive break between albums, the recording process of Haiku from Zero and more:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Cut Copy at Austin City Limits 2017

Cut Copy - Airborne (Official Video)