Since the debut of “Grapes” in 2012, R.L. Grime has quickly ascended the ranks as one of trap music’s most in demand producers.  It’s almost impossible not to hear his track “Mercy” dropped somewhere in a set, and good luck keeping track of how many times it pops up in sets over the course of a festival weekend.

2017 has been a big year for R.L. Grime.  After closing out 2016 with the release of “Waiting” in collaboration with Skrillex and What So Not, Grime returned with “Reims” in May.  In June, the producer released his own zine on his site which announced that his upcoming second album would be titled NOVA.  In the zine, R.L. Grime refers to his own journey as NOVA.  He then goes on to say that NOVA will be “more than just an album, or a show, or a single narrative”, leading fans to believe NOVA will be much larger than a sophomore album.

R.L. Grime is finishing out 2017 on tour to promote his mysterious Nova project.  The Nova tour kicked off on October 12 in Vancouver and will run through November with back to back shows in Los Angeles.  Fans can look forward to hearing new tracks as well as a new stage design that elevates the experience.  Graves and Kittens are billed as support for the majority of the tour, with GTA opening the first two shows, and Jai Wolf as a special guest for Nova’s Colorado stop.

Despite his busy year, the producer released his annual Halloween mix providing fans with a fail-safe playlist for any festivities.  Halloween VI contains unreleased tracks from producers like Graves and Mr. Carmack as well as R.L. Grime’s new track “Era”.  Although the new mix has music blogs buzzing, it only serves as a preview as the Nova Tour moves across the U.S.  B-Sides will be catching R.L. Grime with Graves and Kittens as the Nova tour stops off in Music City on November 1.  Be sure to check out our socials to stay in on the action.


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