VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Dan Croll Performs “Bad Boy”, Talks ‘Emerging Adulthood’, “Dial Dan”

UK artist Dan Croll emerged in 2017 with the album, Emerging Adulthood, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sweet Disarray, that was released in 2014. For Croll, his dream was not to be a professional musician— it was to be a pro rugby player. Unfortunately, a broken leg at the age of 17 forced him to look elsewhere, and he enrolled in the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts at the age of 18. It became clear he had quite the knack for songwriting, winning his school’s Songwriter of the Year award and a meet and greet with the legendary Paul McCartney. Croll’s first album Sweet Disarray, scored him features on both FIFA ’14 and Grand Theft Auto V, as well as television appearances. Although the album performed well, Croll was released by his record label, causing his anxiety to flare up again. Croll landed on his feet with Communion Records and while he began recording his second album, Croll set up a phone line where fans could call him at any time to chat about what was going on in their lives.

B-Sides recently caught up with Dan, who performed an acoustic version of “Bad Boy” and to chat about his new tracks, the the Dial Dan phone line and more:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Dan Croll Talks 'Emerging Adulthood', "Dial Dan"

B-Sides On-Air: Dan Croll Performs "Bad Boy" Acoustic