The Wrecks burst onto the scene in 2016 with the three-song EP, We Are The Wrecks, which features the breakthrough track, “Favorite Liar” that garnered mainstream alternative radio airplay and 6+ million streams on Spotify. The five-piece originally from the East Coast is led by chief songwriter Nick Anderson (Vocals/Guitar), who formed the band with other members Aaron Kelley (Bass), Nick Schmidt (Guitar), Westen Weiss (Guitar), and Billy Nally (Drums). The band recorded their debut EP on a whim, alongside friend and engineer Andrew D’Angelo, when they were surprised with the news that a friend had been granted access to a studio for just a few days. With a total budget of $0, and only a week as a band under their belts, the group set out to record as many songs as possible in three days. The exposure of their music led to a record deal and The Wrecks sought out to record a new EP in Los Angeles. Weeks into recording, and after blowing almost the entire budget, the band decided the music was going in the wrong direction and scrapped the EP. “I just felt that we had strayed too far from the core of the band’s sound,” says frontman Nick Anderson. “It sounded like we were trying really hard to get on the radio or something, and I feel like that rarely gets you on the radio anyway.” The Wrecks changed scenery and moved into Anderson’s grandmother’s house in his small hometown (Wellsville, NY) to work on the new record in a barn studio that their friend Patrick Barry owns. Co-produced again by Nick Anderson and Andrew D’Angelo, The Wrecks released their EP, Panic Veritgo, which Anderon says, “comes from a genuine place, and is something we’re all truly proud of.”

The Wrecks spoke with B-Sides about Panic Vertigo, their formation and more. Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - The Wrecks Talk Formation, 'Panic Vertigo"

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