Hardcore metal band, Sharptooth, released their debut album Clever Girl in 2017 to strong reviews. The subject matter for the band’s material is straightforward and wide-ranging, covering social and political topics relevant in today’s climate from feminism and police brutality to gender and race-based discrimination. The source of their songs come easy as all the members are politically active, led by frontwoman/vocalist and songwriter, Lauren Kashan and includes guitarists Keth Higgins, Lance Donati and drummer Conor Mac.

B-Sides spoke with Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth at Warped Tour 2018 to talk about her early experiences to Warped Tour, the band’s political content and more. Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth Talks Warped Tour, 'Clever Girl'

Sharptooth "Clever Girl" Official Video