Minneapolis-based Bad Bad Hats released their sophomore album, Lightning Round, August 3, 2018 on Afternoon Records to much anticipation. The band used a different process to record the songs live together at the encouragement of their producer and longtime collaborator Brett Bullion (who also produced their debut album Psychic Reader). Lead single “Write It On Your Heart” has gotten much attention for its reliability for its topic of an end of a relationship, where the instigator for ending the relationship wants to leave for someone else, but they want the other’s blessing too. “I haven’t always stood up for myself in situations like this,” shares frontwoman and lyricist Kerry Alexander. “So this song is an ode to the version of me that does.” The trio of Bad Bad Hats consists of Kerry Alexander (vocals, guitar), Chris Hoge (guitar and bass), and Connor Davison (drums), with Alexander and Hoge having recently tied the knot during the final stages of completing the album.

B-Sides met up with Bad Bad Hats to talk about how they juggled the final recording process while also preparing their wedding, their recent trip to X Games Minneapolis and also performed “Nothing Gets Me High” for us. Check it out!

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Bad Bad Hats Talk 'Lightning Round', X Games

B-Sides On-Air: Bad Bad Hats Perform "Nothing Gets Me High" Live