As soon as FIDLAR took the stage at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA, the audience went into a frenzy. Dancing, singing and of course moshing along to tracks from their first two albums, FIDLAR gave a taste for what’s to come from their newest album, Almost Free, set for release on January 24, 2019. The band started off the set with the new song, “Alcohol” and showcased three other new songs, “Flake”, “Can’t You See” and “Too Real”. According to frontman Zac Carper, “‘Too Real’ was written during the election and everyone was fighting each other. The reality is that everyone fuckin’ sucks. Why can’t we all just get along/bong?” The audience got rowdy during the FIDLAR standbys in “Cocaine”, “Stoked and Broke” and “40 oz”, as elbows were thrown admist the pushing and shoving and singing along.

Check out the photos from FIDLAR’s 11/02 show at the Fox Theater here: