The South African-born artist, Nora En Pure brought her electronic, tropical, and rhythmic tunes on Saturday night at Miami’s downtown notorious Club Space, where many famous DJs come to spin tunes. The sold out show was filled with people dancing to the beat of every song she played, Nora began her set by playing a mix of indie and deep house, the floor was thumping and the vibe was energetic.

Popular tracks such as “Come With We”, “True” and fans’ all time favorite “Sphinx” were performed, many of these songs have different instrumental elements that give it a unique sound, such as the piano, or the violin that can be heard on the newest track she released and performed called “We Found Love”. The harmonic wood-wind sounds intertwined with calm cooling beats, and Ashibah’s soulful vocals give it an uplifting and soothing sound all at the same time.

Nora’s eclectic four hour set was complete with different types of melodic beats, and the crowd was enjoying every minute of it, reciprocating their energy by clapping and cheering on throughout every song she transitioned with. Needless to say the performance left fans in awe, and her set did not disappoint.                                                                        

The diverse sounds she incorporated within her music makes her different than the rest, and people love it. Sounds such as water droplets or birds chirping were heard within her tracks, these exotic melodies that resemble nature’s environment transports fans into a different atmosphere.

Nora’s success and hard work has led her to be nominated as best female artist and best podcast/radio show by the International Dance Music Awards. Nora will return again to Miami to deliver eclectic house tunes at Ultras main stage during Miami Music Week, on March 29th.