Amber Bain – a.k.a. The Japanese House, has been not so quietly making a name for herself over the past 4 years. With an impressive collection of EP’s and singles already under her belt, Bain has finally released her debut full length Good at Falling. The album continues to showcase the sound Bain has used the past four years to hone in on, a mix of synth and guitar that blends into a trance like indie pop that’s impossible not to get lost in.

Bain takes on the bulk of the songwriting weight for the Japanese House, but does get some production assistance from The 1975‘s George Daniel, who’s touch can be felt occasionally throughout Good at Falling. Everything that has been great about The Japanese House’s previous work is showcased brilliantly here. Take “You Seemed So Happy” for example, which starts with a simple acoustic guitar riff, and quickly transcends into a chorus so infectious, it will spend the rest of the day living in your head.

Other album highlights include “Maybe You’re The Reason,” and “Worms” which fully embrace the synth-pop sound that Bain has wasted no time perfecting. Overall “Good at Falling” is exactly what fans could have expected from The Japanese House’s first full length, and that’s meant as a huge compliment. If the album is any indication of what Bain’s talents hold for the future, then we all have something to look forward to. Don’t be surprised to see The Japanese House’s name start popping up on your favorite festivals lineups, or the marquee of your favorite local venue.

You Seemed so Happy