Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora released her sophomore record, Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1) in 2018 to critical acclaim and an eager fan base that has grown considerably over the course of her career. The album is part of a two-part album that Aurora describes is divided into “steps”, the first album as one for “us” and the second album (Step 2), as an album for “the world”. The lead single from the album, “Queendom”, is not only notable due to the lyrics representing female empowerment, but also the sonic aspect that showcases Aurora’s knack for creating dancy tunes. Inspired by her interactions with her fans while on tour supporting her debut album, All My Friends Greeting Me As A Friend, the two “step” albums reflect her perspective on themes revolving around the human aspect of politics and themes of sexuality. The singer recently released a new song, “Animal”, that will be featured on Infections of a Different Kind (Step 2), which Aurora explained, “I spend a lot of time thinking about humans. And I wanted to make a song wrapped in a blanket of obliviousness whilst speaking the wonderful and horrible truth that I see in us. We are always striving for something. If it’s love, money, sex, success, power or just a bigger piece of a delicious chocolate cake. It’s very interesting. Its grotesque. It’s beautiful.”

B-Sides met up with Aurora during her San Francisco tour stop to talk about the two part albums, Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1) and (Step 2), how she is inspired by neutral colors, what to expect in the new music and more. Check out the interview:

Aurora Talks 'Infections of A Different Kind', New Music