Eighteen year old Bay Area singer and songwriter, Maia aka mxmtoon, has garnered a loyal and growing fanbase from making YouTube vlogs and tutorials along with sharing her music on SoundCloud. She began playing the ukulele in middle school as part of the new music curriculum and ever since they’ve been inseparable. Her debut EP Plum Blossom was recently released and hits home many universal themes for high schoolers, and high school grads, such as falling in love and crushes. Plum Blossom is a mix of sad and romantic songs that mxmtoon shared is a therapeutic diary she wrote in different stages. Her songs “I Feel Like Chet” (referring to jazz trumpeter Chet Baker) and “I miss you” were written late 2017/early 2018. Deciding to postpone college and taking a gap year after high school to focus on her music dream and has been playing numerous sold out shows, including her show in her native Bay Area debut in San Francisco.

B-Sides spoke to mxmtoon about the feelings of selling out her debut show in San Francisco, postponing college, Plum Blossom and more.

mxmtoon Talks debut EP 'Plum Blossom', Postponing College

mxmtoon - i feel like chet (official video)