In the midst of a post blink-182 tour depression, Mark Hoppus decided he needed to self medicate with some collaboration. What he had intended to be a project involving multiple friends from bands he had worked with in the past, quickly turned into a new band all in of itself. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low was the first to come over to jam, and the two knew they had stumbled onto something special. And so gave birth to Simple Creatures.

The band released their first single “Drug” a few months ago, and it was the perfect introduction to the tight six song EP, which has nary a dull moment. The song most closely resembles a song that could’ve appeared on either members former band’s albums, but things quickly shift to a world all their own with title track “Strange Love.” The tropical, beach thumping chorus of the song is unfamiliar, yet welcome territory for the duo, who have clearly come to this project to flex their pop sensibilities.

The EP really shines on standout track “How to Live,” a synth-laden break up track, with a chorus that’ll kick around your head as long as “the one that got away” tends to. Things power ahead with a collection of songs so diverse, yet so complimentary, it’s a wonder that these two haven’t found this chemistry sooner. By the time this thing wraps, you’re not only left ready to start the whole thing over again, you’re left salivating for the second EP the group has promised a little later on this year.


Simple Creatures - How To Live (Audio)