Good At Falling, the debut album by The Japanese House, received rave reviews upon its release on March 1, 2019 via Interscope Records. The highly anticipated album follows up a handful of EPs that featured Bain as a prolific songwriter whose lyrics have resonated with a growing fanbase. Good At Falling is self-described as reflective on Bain’s personal life, relationship, and heartache, as she surmised, “how easy falling in love can be and falling from a relationship can be even harder.” Bain describes falling in love as “a portal/dimension into a whole other world”. The personal nature of the synth-pop singer/musician’s music was on full display when she featured her ex-girlfriend in the video for the track, “Lilo”, which she admits “I can’t watch it because it makes me so sad”. Regarding the personal nature of her songwriting, “I don’t realize what I’m writing about until afterward. Big events in my life, I’ll probably write about it.” Although she writes songs that touch matters of the heart, she finds interviews to be more therapeutic. “This is free therapy to me to talk about myself.” B-Sides last spoke to Bain when she was twenty years old with her third EP Swim Against the Tide, now the twenty-three-year-old unveiled that she’s working on a post-break-up EP that’s the “best pop music she’s ever written”. 

B-Sides spoke with Bain about her debut, working with producer BJ Burton, how she’s already ready to release new music, dating and more right before her sold-out show at August Hall in San Francisco. Check out the interview:

The Japanese House (Amber Bain) Talks debut album, 'Good At Falling', Forthcoming New Music

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