After a three year span between albums, Night Riots delivered their third studio album, New State Of Mind on Sumerian Records in July. With songs conceived over the past five years to the recent twelve months, the music is a notably more positive and upbeat compared to the clear dark undertones that were plentiful throughout their previous album, Love Gloom. “We worked really hard on this record… It’s a new sound and throw back at the same time. All the songs are bops to me,” says lead singer Travis Hawley. Tracks like “Tokyo Diamond Eyes” and “Leave Us Alone” were written within the last year and a half and differed in the recording process that were done in various stages rather than the “live performance” approach of Love Gloom.

B-Sides spoke with frontman Travis Hawley during the band’s tour stop in San Francisco about the new album, his recent sailing, travels throughout Italy and more. Check out the interview:

Night Riots - Travis Hawley Talks Italy Travels, Sailing, New Album

NIGHT RIOTS - Talk About It (Official Music Video)