Southern California alt-rock outfit The Shelters have released their second studio album Jupiter Sidecar, out today on Warner Records. Praised by Flaunt for its “modern, guitar heavy sound,” the new album presented an interesting challenge for the band, as it was the first music they wrote in the wake of mentor Tom Petty’s tragic passing. They returned to Petty’s home studio in Malibu – where they’d spent countless hours crafting their 2016 debut – to absorb that history while simultaneously pushing forward and coming into their own.

“In many ways, the record really shows we’re a California band,” affirms Chase Simpson [vocals, guitar]. “There’s a bit of the beach. There’s a bit of the desert. There’s a bit of the seventies L.A. rock scene still around. We’re definitely old souls who have been exposed to great stuff—but we’re here in 2019.”

Comprised of vocalists/guitarists Chase Simpson, Josh Jove, and drummer Sebastian Harris, The Shelters originally formed in 2015 after impressing music legend, Tom Petty. Their self-titled debut was co-produced by Petty plus Simpson and Jove co-engineered on Petty’s final album Hypnotic Eye. “He kinda was our first bassist, before we formed the band. He was a member”, recalled The Shelters about their mentor Petty. “He always spouted wisdom. He knew everything.” The Shelters have become stronger musicians due to Petty’s belief in the band and after two years, The Shelters returned with a new album and a series of shows to showcase the new material.

B-Sides met up with The Shelters to talk about their sophomore album, the concept for the music video of “You’re Different”, moving forward with the lessons learned from Tom Petty and more.

UPDATE 10/28/2019: The Shelters were kind enough to let us film their performance of “You’re Different” at The Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA! Vid below.

Check out the interview:

The Shelters Talk 'Jupiter Sidecar', Moving Forward After Passing of Tom Petty

The Shelters Perform "You're Different" Live at Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA