The debut album by Hatchie, titled Keepsake, was released in June earlier this year and the Brisbane-bred musician otherwise known as Harriette Pilbeam garnered positive critical reviews and has a growing fanbase. Expanding the dream-pop sounds Hatchie created on her EP Sugar & Spice, Hatchie pushes into jagged guitar riffs and woozy rhythms combined with industrial-pop. Hatchie noted that naming the album Keepsake was appropriate since it serves as a document of a particularly kinetic moment in Hatchie’s life. “I’m not much of a nostalgic person when it comes to memories, but I do have a tendency to hold on to certain things, like tickets from the first time I went someplace on holiday,” says Hatchie in reflecting on the album’s title. “It made sense to me to call the record that, at a time when I’m going to probably end up with a lot of keepsakes-and in a way, this whole album is almost like a keepsake in itself.” Prior to going solo, Hatchie played in two other bands Babaganouj (2011)  and Go Violets (2014). Hatchie has had a great 2019, having opened for Death Cab For Cutie and her childhood idol Kylie Minogue earlier this year. “There were things that I didn’t think could happen,” said Hatchie. When supporting Minogue Hatchie added, “She’s so professional. She’s been doing this for thirty years or so. She’s one of the top performers we’ve toured with.”

After a brief tour with Girlpool and Kitten, Hatchie returned to San Francisco for the third time and this time headlining at Cafe Du Nord. B-Sides spoke to Hatchie about winning the local Australian Levi’s competition, collaborating with boyfriend Joe Agius, the Chicago moshpit at one of her recent shows and more. Check out the interview: 

Hatchie Talks Opening for Kylie Minogue, Mosh Pits, New Music

Hatchie — Stay With Me (Official Video)