Clairo was a few songs away from the end of her set during her sold-out show in San Francisco when a magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit the Bay Area around 10:30pm (fortunately there was no damage and no one was hurt). It was the second sold-out show at the Regency Ballroom and not one person noticed the earth shaking because they were too busy jumping and dancing while Clairo was performing “Sofia”. Currently on tour in support of her debut album, Immunity, which was released in August, Clairo didn’t disappoint. Emerging in her own merch, wearing a “Clairo” white hoodie, she kicked off the set with “Alewife”, “Impossible” and “Softly” that elicited immediate sing-alongs and cellphones were out to record clips for posting. Thanking the audience for selling out two nights in San Francisco, Clairo was soft-spoken and expressed her gratitude, noting that “there’s nothing like playing in San Francisco” before going into “Flamin Hot Cheetos”. Although the set was sprinkled with ballads like “Closer to You” and “Feel Something”, it felt like the night was heading towards a build-up to the ultimate dance party. During her more popular songs like “Bags”, the aforementioned “Sofia” and “4ever”, the crowd was singing louder with each song as it got progressively hotter from all the dancing. But it was when Clairo invited fans from the audience to join her on-stage to dance while she performed “Pretty Girl” did the fans really let loose. Ending with “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again”, her collaboration with Mura Masa, a small mosh pit opened that was filled with people jumping and dancing. It was the perfect ending to a night where the floor literally shook.

Prior to Clairo, beabadoobee, had a strong showing of her own fans eager to see her for her San Francisco debut. With minimal chatter in between songs, the British singer/songwriter was impressive with her 90s-influenced sounds including songs “She Plays Bass” and “I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus”, both featured on her latest EP, Space Cadet.