Singer/songwriter Ashe released her highly anticipated EP, Moral of the Story: Chapter 2 this past August. The collection of songs combined with the release of ‘Chapter 1’ marks the end of an era full of heartbreak and sadness experienced during the end of her marriage and ultimate divorce. Tracks such as, “In Disguise” and “Not How It’s Supposed To Go”, featured on ‘Chapter 2’, have resonated with music fans due to the intimate nature in topic and relatability. In speaking of the latter song, Ashe explained, “When you’re in a toxic relationship with someone, you often don’t realize it until you get out. And hopefully, you get out. It’s when you leave that you figure out how fucked up it really was. The lying, the cheating, the breaking the drywall with your fists: finding it was all very wrong and all very sad. When I was married, I was broken. I didn’t write this song to dismantle the idea of marriage, I wrote it to dismantle the marriage I was in and with hopes of dismantling other people’s toxic relationships. There’s such a better life on the other side, that unhealthy s**t is not how it’s supposed to go.” Having recently wrapped up her first headlining tour, Ashe has more touring in store for next year to accompany new music that is planned.

B-Sides On-Air caught up with Ashe during ‘Mom’s First Headline Tour’ at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA to talk about Moral of the Story Chapter 2, working with Finneas and more. Check out the interview:

Ashe Talks Working With Finneas, Growing From Divorce

Ashe - Not How It's Supposed To Go