Absofacto has released his eagerly awaited new single titled, “Rewind.” The song is the follow-up to his breakthrough hit single, “Dissolve,” which has amassed millions of streams worldwide, hit the top 10 on Billboard’s “Alternative Songs” chart and has been featured in more than 2 million fan-created uploads on TikTok. Absofacto is the brainchild of Michigan-born, Los Angeles-based musician Jonathan Visger, who initially started out in the band Mason Proper in 2004 but began creating his distinctive fusion of dream pop, art rock, and inventive electronica as Absofacto in 2008. “Creatively in my mind, making Absofacto music is like going to another planet. It’s untouched by time. It’s my reflection and imagination—It outlives everything else.”

B-Sides met up with Absofacto to talk about the ten year evolution of Absofacto, how the early discovery of Japanese lo-fi hip-hop influenced “Dissolve”, his latest track “Rewind”, plans for new music and more. Check out the interview:

Absofacto Talks Japanese Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Forthcoming New Music

Absofacto Performs "Dissolve" Acoustic

REWIND (by Absofacto)