British artist Elderbrook energized the packed house at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, Saturday 11/22. Fresh off a slew of international dates that included festival performances, Elderbrook (real name Alexander Kotz), put on a show filled with subtle visuals that fit with his catalog of catchy tunes. Familiar tunes filled the early part of the set that included, “Difficult To Love”, “Talking” and “Good Times” that had the crowd dancing as he alternated between percussion, singing and keyboards. Literally a one-man show, Elderbrook’s vocals were strong and at times, he would venture from behind his setup to the front of the stage to dance and sing. Tracks like the Grammy-nominated “Cola” and “Something About You” brought on overwhelming cheers and scant cell-phones to capture the moment, as the club got noticeably hotter throughout the night from all the dancing and sweating from the audience. Clearly an artist to witness perform live, Elderbrook displayed the ultimate in multi-tasking in his one-man performance that was impeccable.