British electro-duo Tender (James Cullen and Dan Cobb) have been creating bedroom music since 2015, having released two albums since- ‘Modern Addiction’ (2017) and ‘Fear of Falling Asleep’ (2019) under Partisan Records. Their music has been featured in notable soundtracks including ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and the single “Nadir”, which had already resonated with music fans upon its release, gave the band a higher profile when it was featured in the hit Netflix film ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’. Facetiously described on their Twitter as “Electronic Funeral Love Songs”, it doesn’t phase the band that their music is more down-tempo and melancholy as lead vocalist Cullen noted of their own personal experiences as the motivation for numerous songs, “The negative stuff is easier to write about. It’s very personal and current.” The two have a history of playing in rock bands when they were younger, having been fans of and influenced by the likes of blink-182. Now as Tender, the main elements that they carry over are in the live presentation as the duo tours with touring musicians to enhance the music in a live setting. The duo recently released “6 in the Morning”, which is a prelude to some upcoming new material that’s due out later this year.

B-Sides met up with Tender to talk about how the music-making process still starts in their bedroom, their live shows and more. Check out the interview:

Tender Still Make Music In The Bedroom, Talk How Their Old Rock Bands Still Influence Them

TENDER - 6 in the morning