Hayley Williams of Paramore just dropped her latest single “Over Yet” off her solo debut project Petals for Armor (Atlantic Records). The lyric video captures Williams doing a photoshoot as her new bubbly synth-pop anthem song plays over. Williams tweeted, “had to envision myself as an aerobics instructor (who’s actually secretly a robot) in a post-apocalyptic society in order to get these super positive lyrics out.” She adds there will be an exercise video to “Over Yet” coming soon. Her lyricism in “Over Yet” is optimistic & hopeful as she sings: “If there’s resistance, it makes you stronger, it’s not the end.” Whether this is a personal reflection of Williams’ feelings or not, the song is relatable to these unprecedented times that we’re going through. It’s an uplifting song we can all triumph any darkness together. Watch the full video below as Petals for Armor will be released May 8th!

Hayley Williams – Over Yet [Official Lyric Video]