Without any live shows or festivals to attend due to the current coronavirus emergency, artists have gone to live streaming to entertain fans and raise much-needed funds to help healthcare workers and those affected by the pandemic. Friday, CHVRCHES (Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook & Martin Doherty) hosted a live Zoom performance of their song “Forever” off their third studio album Love Is Dead (2018). Individually in their own studio pulling off the live interpretation of the track in the comforts of their home, the video was produced in real-time as video of all three members were seen in split-screen throughout the stream. Mayberry is still on point with her vocals, Doherty’s piano playing strikes the soul and Cook’s melodic melancholy strumming on the guitar got viewers hooked. Despite “Forever” being an anti-love song, CHVRCHES filled in any feelings of loneliness or emptiness experienced during the past few weeks, reminding that music can still bring closeness.

CHVRCHES - Forever (Separate But Together Version)