The Unlikely Candidates were on tour in what they called a “victory lap” as their single, “Novocaine” topped the Billboard Alternative Charts for two straight weeks. It was a long journey for the Texas-based band in many ways. The single itself was released almost a year ago as a standalone track and the band themselves have been working hard on solidifying their lineup and sound since starting out as an acoustic duo comprised of childhood friends Kyle Morris and Cole Male in 2008. Eventually expanding the lineup to include guitarist Brenton Carney, bassist Jared Hornbeek, and drummer Kevin Goddard, the band signed with Atlantic Records in 2013 and released their debut EP, ‘Follow My Feet’. They found success in early 2016 with “You Love Could Start a War” while releasing the EPs ‘Bed of Liars’ and ‘Danger to Myself’ in 2017. The band would release a few singles afterwards and it would be the slacker-themed song “Novocaine” that would eventually put The Unlikely Candidates on everyone’s radar. Their debut album was slated to be released later this year, but may change with the current pandemic situation

The Unlikely Candidates spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar about touring during the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, success of “Novocaine”, plans for an album and more.

The Unlikely Candidates Talk Quarantine, 'Novocaine' Chart Success, Forthcoming Album

The Unlikely Candidates Perform "Novocaine" via Zoom