The new music video for “The Key To Life On Earth” by Declan McKenna was released today. The track is the second single from his forthcoming album Zeros that’s slated for release on August 21st.  McKenna recruited actor Alex Lawther (Netflix’s The End of the F**king World) to play his double in the video as they battle with one another.  McKenna stated, “Alex Lawther is someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time, I enjoyed watching his roles in Carnage, Black Mirror and The End Of The F***ing world, and I was trying to get in contact after seeing how much people compared us online. After finding I had a mutual friend with one of his family, I was eventually able to get his number and we got talking. ”  The Key to Life on Earth” starts off with an 80s eerie synth sound followed by a pulsating drum beat, and a killer instrumental breakdown in the bridge of the song. McKenna addresses human behavior and conflicts in “The Key to Life on Earth”,

This song I recorded for my album in Nashville last year. I grew up in a very suburban world, and I wrote this song sort of based around areas of suburbia and the stuff I saw. In a way, it reflects how I feel about how hostile human relationships can be and how humans can be towards each other despite how similar they often are. It’s thinking about all those things and thinking about hostility when generally it all just comes from a place that’s solvable, or resolvable.


Declan McKenna - The Key to Life on Earth (Official Video)