Singer/songwriter Taylor Janzen takes us on a journey of self-discovery in her latest single “Devotion” out now on Glassnote Music. The twenty year-old from Winnipeg stated, “I am the type of person who is completely unable to love anything or anyone casually. I’ve always been that way. Eventually I realized that while loving wholeheartedly isn’t a bad quality, I have a tendency to search for things to throw my whole identity into, like I’m always searching for things to control me. Things to belong to. If you’re being controlled by someone or something else, you’re less responsible for your own actions and feelings. I forget who I am and I create identities for myself based around the people and things I love. This song is about trying to find myself again.” The song is the follow up to singles “What I Do” and “I Feel A Darkness” that were released earlier this year. Janzen has garnered praise for her past two EPs, ‘Interpersonal’ (2018) and ‘Shouting Matches’ (2019) that caught the attention from the likes of Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers, who she’s toured with in the past.

Taylor Janzen - Devotion