Updated May 20, 2020: Blake Rose released the live session video to “Rest of Us”. Link below.

The new song “Rest of Us” by Blake Rose was just released and it’s an anthem of empowerment. Described as “a middle finger to anyone who doesn’t want you to live your dream,” Rose found inspiration from a personal experience. He stated – “A friend of mine wanted to be a musician but his family was not supportive. This took a toll on him and he ended up never pursuing his dream. You hear about stuff like this happening all the time and I think it’s incredibly sad that there are so many people in the world whose art we will never have the chance to discover because some narrow minded folk decided to steer them away from doing what they love. F*ck those people.” The Australia-born artist who’s now based in Los Angeles has garnered much attention in just over a year, having gone from busking in the streets of Perth to self-releasing his debut album ‘Hotel Room’ and ultimately signing with AWAL Recordings.