British singer/songwriter Maisie Peters has a knack for creating music that’s resonated with a rapidly growing fan base with her relatable and diary-entry songs which have racked up over quarter of a billion global streams. Her song, “The List” that was recently released is a timely message of self-confidence and self-love. Peters spoke about the overarching theme of self-love, stating- “It’s about liking yourself, even in moments when you really really don’t like yourself. It’s also about coping mechanisms and my actual inability to look anyone in the eye, and my constant need to make jokes about anything even remotely sincere or sad! Haha! All this to say I’m nervous for u all to hear it, but I also can’t wait ok ok love u all.” Peters has been releasing original songs since 2015 and has plans for releasing new material over the course of this year.

Maisie Peters - The List [Fan Lyric Video]