Creative Director/Photographer Lindsey Byrnes was intimately involved in the creation of the visuals for Hayley Williams debut solo project, ‘Petals for Armor.’ Having worked with Williams since the early days of Paramore, Byrnes not only worked on the visual concepts for the music videos, but also helmed the visuals for the artwork for the album itself. Creating fifteen lyric videos proved to be challenging yet fun, as they combine in-studio footage with behind-the-scenes clips from the music videos for songs including “Simmer”, “Leave It Alone” and “Cinnamon.” Byrnes and Williams are prominently featured interacting and having friendly personal moments in the lyric video for “Watch Me While I Bloom”. The multi-square pattern on Williams’ face that’s used as part of the cover art for the album was inspired by cover-up tattoos that Williams has. Byrnes stated, “it was a big ask for me to say ‘do you want to make art out of this experience?'” It didn’t take much convincing as they both agreed that the images captured were strong and eventually used for the cover art.

Byrnes spoke with B-Sides about the creative process, her relationship with Williams and more Check out the interview:

Lindsey Byrnes Talks Creative Visuals of Hayley Williams' Solo Project

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