After having released the single, “5150” recently, Matt Murphy(The Wombats) has announced that the debut album from his current music project Love Fame Tragedy will come out on July 10, 2020. Titled ‘Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave’, the LP will consist of some material from the first two EPs, ‘I Don’t Want to Play the Victim, But I’m Really Good at It’ and ‘Five Songs To Briefly Fill The Void’ as well as many new songs. The newer songs was recorded while Murphy in Australia in January, with some of the unheard material being older than the more recent recordings. Murphy describes the subject matter of the album as a triangle of auto-biographical topics of juggling the various aspects of his life as a professional musician, being a “family man” and dealing with the youthful impulses and reckless behavior. Murph stated, “Every song is cathartic in a way but sometimes you have to put the groundwork into getting an idea in place where you can build upon it and enjoy the process and be creative.” The album will feature some guest appearances by a myriad of artists including Gus Unger-Hamilton of alt-J, Joey Santiago of The Pixies, Matt Chamberlain of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam along with others.

Matt Murphy spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the new album, life as a new father and more. Check out the interview:

Matt Murphy Talks How Love Fame Tragedy Re-energized him, Upcoming Album

Love Fame Tragedy - 5150 (Official Audio)