The new video for “Million Days” by Justine Skye was just released this past Friday and captures the vibe of the lonely feelings after a breakup. Conceived by creative directors E&E, the video was shot during the lockdowns in Southern California on Jamie Foxx’s 40-acre property in Hidden Valley, CA as well as on-location in Malibu, CA. Of the video, E&E stated – “The song is very vulnerable and candid, so it was easy for us to conceptualize something that was very personal and not a big production.” The duo has a strong relationship with Skye, having worked with her in 2019 and were in the studio with Skye right before the lockdowns due to COVID-19. It was the lockdowns that helped inspire the ‘Space & Time’ sessions that Skye has been doing with legendary producer/artist Timbaland, who E&E have known for some time. E&E explained, “We’ve worked with Timbaland for years and we’re now working with Justine and we’ve been wanting them to meet. COVID hit and we were thinking about going about something and she did a cover video. He saw it and said ‘we should do that.’ E&E plan to finish up the ‘Space & Time’ sessions and document the very first in-person meeting between Skye and Timbaland in the near future.

E&E spoke about the inspirations and nuances in putting the video for “Million Days” during quarantine, the films that inspire them and more. Check out the interview:

E&E Talk Creative Direction of Video For "Million Days" by Justine Skye, Timbaland Collaboration

Justine Skye - Million Days