Singer/songwriter Colin Dieden has had a successful start to his new project working under his new artist moniker Little Hurt, a name he was given as a kid when playing baseball. The song “Alaska” has garnered much radio airplay and attention online with the theme of “getting away” having resonated with so many, especially during the pandemic with lyrics like “I think I’ll dye my hair and move to Alaska—last couple of months
have been kind of a disaster.” Dieden stated, “It captures a total manic phase in a really cool way. It’s one of my favorites.” After spending over ten years as the lead singer of The Mowglis, Dieden had started to write songs that were more personal and told more of his own story, as he stated- “There were things I needed to say by myself. I started writing about who I am and my life totally unfiltered. I’ve dealt with a lot of issues. I’ve got a complicated head and can be my own worst enemy. Anxiety is something I’ve battled forever, so I built a place
to deal with these heavier subjects such as the struggle with depression. I’m not always the happy guy; but I’m happy opening up like I have here.” Amicably leaving the band, Dieden dug into his past as a touring musician and his life experiences as the subject matter for the new material. Songs about past relationships to feelings of anxiety and depression are on full display as Dieden confidently shares, “When you hear this music, I want you to feel like you’re not the only crazy person in the world. It’s normal to go through anxiety and depression. I want to let everyone know they’re not alone. We’re all a Little Hurt, and it’s okay.”

B-Sides host Pete Mar spoke with Dieden about the writing of “Alaska”, how he’s been writing music during the quarantine and more. Check out the interview:

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