The video for the song “Desire” by Bob Moses + Zhu was a project born out of pandemic limitations. Led by creative director Owen Brown of CTRL5, the original plan for a 30-minute live action short had to be scrapped due to the pandemic. Brown and his team came up with a unique visual that is a first-of-its-kind interactive animated video. The interactive component tells the two stories about desire, simultaneously by using a custom-made interface on Eko, which allows viewers to be able to select whether to see a blue-filter story, a red-filter story, or to watch both, with the two filters overlayed. The project is part of CTRL5’s work with Bob Moses, who is one of the agency’s clients that is the first creative agency for artists, servicing musicians the same way creative agencies have traditionally serviced brands.

Brown spoke about the making of the interactive video for “Desire”, how CTRL5 helps artists grow and enhance their brand and more.

Bob Moses Creative Director, Owen Brown, Talks Making of Interactive Video for "Desire"