The new EP from Wafia, ‘Good Things’ was released in August and highlights her continuing evolution. The songs on the EP capture the Australia-raised, L.A.-based singer/songwriter’s positive outlook on an otherwise distressful situation derived from the end of a bad relationship and the life-changing transformation that followed. She explained, “I shed a lot of heaviness in the last year, friendships and relationships that didn’t serve me any longer. I grieved a lot and some days I still do but anything difficult comes with an opportunity for something better. This EP is about that.” Despite the limitations of collaborations due to the pandemic, Wafia has been working and creating with her friends and key work partners as she preps for her debut album. Inspired by the album, ‘Here, My Dear’ by Marvin Gaye, Wafia indicated that the album will be narrative-based and is informed by the breakup that she had gone through only a year ago.

Wafia spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar about how she has gone about processing her thoughts into music for the debut album, how she’s been dealing with the current pandemic and more. Check out the interview:

Wafia - Good Things (Official Music Video)