The video for “Want You Too” by Kevin Holliday and Dach just dropped last week; the single marks his first new material since his debut EP, ‘Space Cadet’. The EP was released late last year while Holliday was still immersed in classes while attending college and garnered a lot of attention, notably for the breezy track, “Colgate”. The Brooklyn, NY native grew up with a huge interest in music, influenced by the early 60s and 70s soul music his grandfather shared with him, as well as more current artists that Kevin and his brother would discover. Citing legends like Outkast and Prince as influences, Holliday spoke of Prince- “I’ve been trying to study him. I feel like if you can pick out every detail about why you like a certain artist, you can try to apply those little tiny details to what you do.” Holliday is currently working on new music that he says will lean more alternative-pop, as he stated, “I definitely want to experiment with the sounds and textures and make them a little bit more left of center.”

Kevin Holliday spoke with Pete Mar about how his interest as a full-time musician got started, what styles of music resonate with him, how he wants his music to be interpreted and more.

Kevin Holliday - "Want Me Too" with Dach